Headache, Cheese, Mug

Dear Headache,

Sometimes you wake up with me and lately I’ve treated you kindly. In the past, I used to be at war with you, but now, on good days, I drink some water, do yoga, meditate, and eat. I don’t think about you as something that will ruin my day, or as something I need to medicate at all costs. At most, I take one ibuprofen and eat fast food later in the day.


Dear Cheese in the Refrigerator,

I don’t remember when I bought you, but I bought a lot of you. I don’t think you have anything to do with this, but I don’t have any bread, and yesterday I ate a slice of you without anything to accompany it.


Dear Giant Green Mug,

I can’t see anything I put in you. You are green, but all the liquid inside of you seems black. Maybe if I put orange juice in you things would be different, but I don’t, and I don’t put milk in you either. We may or may not be in disagreement.


Dear Small Amount of Milk Left,

If I were so sparing with you in other circumstances, would you have lasted longer? It does not seem as if I need to be so liberal with your use.