Death update speaks to Republican Icon

it is true that death and sickness is sad that it is sad again and again and important that we do not become callous because of its repetition but it is not true that it is surprising or shocking it is absurd that we cry out as if it is a mistake it is both…

one squeezed creations

who’s that little one? bump de bump de bump who’s that little one? bump de bump de bump * if i squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze i can fit it all in * i don’t want a part i don’t want a role i don’t want a method i don’t want a career i don’t want to be on…

For VW and else

for VW May you live a life of bliss May your family and friends be happy May your career go wonderfully May all of us get plenty of rest ** this marks the first time I acknowledge publicly you can have my poetry all of it forever free but you may not have my pictures…

the Changing world

Was it a myth I thought of Myself at the Time That I could stay in Humble Origins Until discovered And Be Recognized And Having followed The Scent Am now Seeing my own Filth? I, Having Waited out My fortune, Hang?


People pay a lot of money for the view they have from their place. What a view! they say. But, feeling the air on my chest and shoulders from the breeze that passes through my windows while I write is worth more than even a view of Earth from space.

shizbop nunu

the folding table is visible behind the plant unless it gets hotter than 98 degrees i am hotter than air i put the puppy sticker on the folder because i the sticker need be used a white mug from fire island with a red cart on it