patient me-boy tuesday follows monday after monday is lived monday cannot rush itself to tuesday nor april to may nor now to where you want to be

$3 million

You can have fine wine. A second home. Private school tuition paid in full. Trips abroad. Four-star hotels. Gold club memberships. Unlimited credit cards. Yay!

quieter than cats

internal chatter may be increased by habitual external chatter i.e. my distracted chatty suffering morning mind may be due to my habitual whimsical singing, commenting, and chatting while alone i will try to be silent quieter than my cats

color shoes

Bijou wore a blue shoe and a white shoe, one Nike, the other Adidas, to his Monday History 121.01 class because he wanted the Nigerian girl who sat in the front row to notice him. That Monday the Nigerian girl was not in class, but many people complimented him on his shoes. Bijou concluded that…

cable wire

a cable wire swings like a stiff rib before the red building the brown leafless trees the cold horizontal rain and the headlights reflected on Ocean Parkway is it a blemish

This Post is Worth a Thousand Cats

Not really. Cats are worth a thousand posts. Or worth a million hats. Off and on they are worth ten billion blankets. Too many times they are counted one short of two million dinners with friends. Have you ever estimated two cats worth two dogs when it is rather that two dogs are not even…

Heartless Order?

AS it was, he didn’t have enough to handle, as it was. Then, so it goes, his father died. He told everyone, as it is, I don’t have enough to deal with, why did this happen to me. For a few years, he talked about his father dying as if it were him. That is,…