Art Prints and Subscriptions

Like my art? Want an extremely professional beautifully framed art work that can beautify and intensify any room of your home or apartment made by US artists with US craftsmanship and US reliability?

Subscribe now and get one framed art print each month delivered to your door (tax and shipping included in price) for only $100 a month! A well packaged framed art print will arrive at your door each month, ready to be hung.

Each print is made by me to print perfectly, look amazing, and bring happiness to your home or office. Each is hand crafted, hand selected, and has a frame and matting selected to match the piece. Each print is 11×14 or 14×11, and each frame is about 21×18 or 18×21.

You will get the very next print at the end of the month in which you subscribe. All prints come near the end of the month.

See the previous months’ prints below. Take a look!

Number 16 by Robert Colpitts

A goofy but serious face. A grey-scale entertainment. Character, mystery, and teeth. Number 16.

(Low res sample above. Actual print is super perfect hi res. You will be pleased.)

Art Size: 14″ x 11″
Outside Frame Size: 20 15/16″ x 17 15/16″
Frame: Black Wood
Matting: 2 1/2″ Smooth White with White Core
Cover: Clear Acrylic
Backing: Foamcore