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Short Stories

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Brad Hall by Robert Colpitts

This novel is still in its beginning stages.


What is stupid, ugly, and inside of a woman’s body and never comes off without a body pillow?


Brad Hall was twelve once. As we all were, were we people who are older than that. Which, my guess, is you are.

Brad Hall was my buddy. Good buddy. And don’t think he’s dead or something, because he isn’t. He’s thriving. And I’m no expert, but the guy is like profound or some such shit.

Then Brad Hall was thirteen. I think. I mean, he might have skipped an age. He grew up like he skipped an age. At thirteen he shot up like a fucking geyser. Or ‘guy-zerg.’ : ) Like multiplied up like some kind of crazy oak. Junior high, and the guy was like six feet tall. And he was built. Like holy, my goodness. Like he had been training his entire life. But the guy, you know–this was back when we were thirteen, and, we all took our time getting bigger, but, him, man. As far as I can remember, like a truck.